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Friday, January 9, 2009

Statement on Voinovich Rumors

It is my understanding that a number of prominent bloggers have been hearing rumors that my nemesis, George "The Crying Man" Voinovich may be realizing that by 2010, I'll be half as stale as he is right now.

These rumors have now made their way in to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch so we have to start taking them seriously.

It has been my intention all along to step aside when a credible candidate presents themselves, but until the day when the "Deficit Hawk who Loves Auto Bailouts" makes it offical my campaign will continue.

While I have been critical of Senator Voinovich, let me say that he has had a splendidly successful political career. It is time for him to go out gracefully, with dignity and honor.

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Joe C. said...

Voinovich retiring ( )!