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Friday, August 8, 2008

Voinovich's Party Affiliation

I just took a look at the site stats and noticed a hit from Google on a search for "George Voinovich party affiliation." Now, we at the Ham Sandwich for Senate campaign can certainly understand why someone might be confused because you are just never sure what position our senior (citizen) Senator is going to take. More often than not, you can find The Crying Man standing with the Demcorats on the important issues. I can however assure this reader that George Voinovich is a registered Republican and continues to claim to be a Republican to this day. George Voinovich is, in fact, a name only.

I hope this clears up any confusion on the matter...

Pic From Today's Campaign Event

Here Ham meets with constituents "Curly" F. and Patty C.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BizzyBlog to Voinovich: What About Great Lakes Oil?

Please note this entry over at BizzyBlog:

Hey Rahm Emanuel, Russ Harding of the Makinac Center and I have an answer to this (”Emanuel Asks McCain to ‘Clarify’ Stance on Great Lakes Oil Drilling”) — Drill in the Great Lakes, ASAP. Michigan’s and Ohio’s economies would both benefit. Did you notice that each state could use something, from somewhere? Memo to recent coastal drilling convert and still Great Lakes drilling opponent George Voinovich: Read Harding’s analysis and come on board. The water’s fine, and it will stay fine.
Is George Voinovich willing to admit that he is as NIMBY as Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are about wind power?

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Voinovich/Obama Energy Plan

Bill Sloat reminds us that in addition to Barack Obama, George Voinovich also suggested that the way to save dollars at the gas pump was to make sure that your tires were inflated. And while doing so might save you a bit of your hard earned cash, it is not a plan for reducing the price of gasoline. This "commonsense plan" merely reduces, by some fraction, how quickly you will need to return to the gas station for a fill-up. The price of the gasoline that you put in your tank will not be effected by your tire pressure at all. If you need to see proof of this, go to your local gas station and inflate your tires while looking at the sign that says how much gas costs. Now, unless you happen to be there while they are changing the sign, which would be quite a coincidence, the act of putting air in your tires does not lower the price of gasoline.

Of course, Senator Voinovich managed to mention a few other planks in his energy plan that Obama isn't even going to consider but Bill Sloat didn't mention them either...