Vote for Ham Sandwich! By 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as Jon Husted is right now!

Monday, July 21, 2008

RELEASE: Brunner Outpolls Voinovich

In response to the reporting from PolitickerOH's Justin Miller indicating that a PPP poll shows that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner outperforms Ohio's senior senator, George Voinovich, the general chairman of Friends of Ham Sandwich, Matt Hurley, issued the following statement:
Is it really a surprise that even the most partisan Secretary of State in Ohio history can outpoll Senator Voinovich? No. We at the Ham Sandwich for Senate 2010 campaign have known for a long time now that by 2010, Ham Sandwich would only be half as stale as George Voinovich is right now. This poll only confirms what our internal poll suggested earlier this year: George Voinovich is not a tasty candidate. He is, in fact, spolied meat.


GaryLewis said...

Here in Highland County the Ham Sandwich campaign has done its job and Senator RINOvich is in a pickle!

King said...

I do not think RINOvich can cut the mustard. Though I believe he is good at cutting the cheese!

I believe somebody is being nice though - RINOvich is spoiled meat? I think he is more like rancid meat.

Up here in RINO Country (Cuyahoga County)the leader of the RINO Clan - Sen. RINOvich - is not looked upon well. The table is set and waiting for Candidate Ham Sandwich.