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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liberal Toledo Blade Agrees with Voinovich on Taxes

Even while smacking him around, the Toledo Blade agrees with George Voinovich on taxes and his desire to raise them on everybody. Oh, sure, the Blade makes it sounds like they only want to raise taxes on the "rich" but as we have already seen, the intentions of their Democrat friends in Congress is to raise taxes on everybody making $31,850 a year. And Georgoe Voinovich voted for that plan too.

Ham Sandwich stands for lower taxes, lower government spending, and less government period. Ham Sandwich believes that you should walk the walk when you talk the talk. Ham Sandwich believes that tax cuts are important for the working American, but he also knows that even with the tax cuts, government also needs to reduce spending. Ham Sandwich knows that you can't budget to spend more money than you have.

And that's why by 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as George Voinovich is right now.

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Anonymous said...

George also has expressed support for the Obama-sponsored "Global Poverty Act", which would require the US to give 7% of its GDP to the UN each year over and above current foreign aid to distribute as the UN sees fit. Of course, George, as usual, hasn't read the bill and says it is not increased spending...other analyses say it will cost us 845 billion over the next ten years.