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Sunday, March 23, 2008

ABJ Column RIPS Voinovich on Education

In a three-page story, Beacon Journal staff writer Dennis J. Willard reminds The Crying Man that at one time he declared himself the "education governor" and then proceeded to fail miserably. What brought this on? The same speech where the "deficit hawk" said that anybody who told you that they wouldn't raise taxes wasn't being honest, he also let off some doom and gloom about schools.
"How can America survive when half the kids in the urban districts are dropping out of school?" Voinovich asked.

He is still asking that question 29 years after running for Cleveland mayor promising to address the city's woeful public school system, and 18 years after his successful campaign for this state's top office with the declaration that he would be the "education governor."

Voinovich pledged to make Ohio the envy of other states when it came to education.

So let's accept your challenge to get serious Sen. Voinovich by taking a serious look at your contributions to the primary, secondary and higher education systems that haunt this state today.
Dennis lays the whole thing out over the next two pages...

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