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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liberal Toledo Blade Agrees with Voinovich on Taxes

Even while smacking him around, the Toledo Blade agrees with George Voinovich on taxes and his desire to raise them on everybody. Oh, sure, the Blade makes it sounds like they only want to raise taxes on the "rich" but as we have already seen, the intentions of their Democrat friends in Congress is to raise taxes on everybody making $31,850 a year. And Georgoe Voinovich voted for that plan too.

Ham Sandwich stands for lower taxes, lower government spending, and less government period. Ham Sandwich believes that you should walk the walk when you talk the talk. Ham Sandwich believes that tax cuts are important for the working American, but he also knows that even with the tax cuts, government also needs to reduce spending. Ham Sandwich knows that you can't budget to spend more money than you have.

And that's why by 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as George Voinovich is right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

ABJ Column RIPS Voinovich on Education

In a three-page story, Beacon Journal staff writer Dennis J. Willard reminds The Crying Man that at one time he declared himself the "education governor" and then proceeded to fail miserably. What brought this on? The same speech where the "deficit hawk" said that anybody who told you that they wouldn't raise taxes wasn't being honest, he also let off some doom and gloom about schools.
"How can America survive when half the kids in the urban districts are dropping out of school?" Voinovich asked.

He is still asking that question 29 years after running for Cleveland mayor promising to address the city's woeful public school system, and 18 years after his successful campaign for this state's top office with the declaration that he would be the "education governor."

Voinovich pledged to make Ohio the envy of other states when it came to education.

So let's accept your challenge to get serious Sen. Voinovich by taking a serious look at your contributions to the primary, secondary and higher education systems that haunt this state today.
Dennis lays the whole thing out over the next two pages...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Voinovich Says: "We NEED To Raise Taxes!"

Courtesy of Ohio Rangers for Huckabee:
"We're going to have to raise more money in this country. Did you hear me? We're going to have to increase taxes in order to do the job," Sen. Voinovich said. "Anyone that tells you that's not the case isn't being truthful with you. They're not being intellectually honest with you."
At least he's being honest these days on tax issues...but he ought to change his party affiliation because Republicans believe in lower taxes and smaller government.

UPDATE: Voinovich is now back-peddling (Openers):
So, honestly: Does Voinovich think we need to raise taxes?

No, insists his spokesman, Chris Paulitz. The tax hike talk yesterday was a way to get people's attention so they would "realize the crisis we're in," Paulitz said.

It worked. Voinovich is getting attention.

But no Voinovich-backed tax hikes?

"He is making absolutely no attempt to raise taxes," Paulitz insists. "There are no plans in the works, no bills, no nothing." And that's the honest, intellectual truth.
Maybe Voinovich ought to answer this question for himself, Chris...I'm sorry, but I can't trust a staffer on this one. Your loyalty to your boss is admirable and I certainly understand that you are trying to dig him out of a hole, but the senator put himself there and he needs to craft a statement that we can believe. So far, I don't... Why? Voinvocih VOTED to raise taxes on individuals who make $31,850/year. His record shows that either the spokesman is lying or ill-informed as to the record of his boss. Seriously, we aren't going to forget this stuff...

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Was That About 'Emergency' Spending Again, George?

I noticed on the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance feed yesterday, a post from Eye on the Statehouse that praised George Voinovich for asking for an amendment to curb "emergency" spending.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this piece over at The with Senator Voinovich proudly declaring:
"I will continue to fight to make federal funds available to aid Ohioans in their disaster recovery efforts."
Disaster recovery is important, but calling yourself a "deficit hawk" and then securing millions in grants is just not right. Senator, either you are a steward of the taxpayer's money or you aren't. You can not have it both ways.

Senator, you just joined the Democrats in voting to raise the taxes of everybody making over $32,000 a year. You have joined the Democrats in redefining the word "rich" to include average Joes like your constituents here in Ohio. Ohio, you know, they place you are supposed to represent?

Fellow Ohioans, I hope you remember that you do have a choice. You do not have to be represented by liars like George Voinovich. You do not have to keep sending a tax and spender like George Voinovich back to Washington. You do have a choice! Remember, by 2010, I will only be half as stale as George Voinovich is right now...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

George Voinovich Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Ladies and Gentleman, today I charge Senator George Voinovich with the CRIME of wanting to raise YOUR taxes. I can make this charge by citing a few paragraphs of this story in The Politico:
With Democrats united — alongside Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York — the measure failed 52-47, as two Republicans, Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and Ohio's George Voinovich, broke with their party on the tax issue.

Graham zeroed in on the voters in the 25 percent bracket and higher.

“The current law is 25 percent, and if we don’t pass my amendment the tax will go up to 28 percent in 2011, a 10 percent increase,” he said. “Thirty five percent becomes 39.6 percent. That’s 23 million Americans [who] are going to pay higher taxes.”
Republican primary voters: remember this well! You DO have an alternative; I'm Ham Sandwich and I approve this message.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Ham Sandwich Trounces Sen. George RINOvich in Internal Poll

A PANERA STORE SOMEWHERE IN OHIO -- The Ham Sandwich for Senate 2010 campaign released internal poll numbers today that showed the challenger defeating the incumbent 69% to 30%. The poll was conducted January 9, 2008 - March 4, 2008 of very likely Republican voters.

"We think this poll clearly illustrates that by 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as Senator George Voinovich is right now." said campaign manager Matt Hurley. "The senator can continue to ignore our campaign at his peril, but we're really cooking and we've only just gotten started. Ham has the fire in the belly to take this thing all the way. Let me guarantee you this: Ham Sandwich will bring home the bacon."

The poll results can be found at the Ham Sandwich for Senate 2010 website.