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Monday, January 14, 2008

RINOvich - "I aint scared of NO Ham Sandwich"

This race looks like it is heating up faster than we thought!

It is a known fact in the animal world of politics that RINO's are routinely aggravated by the ticks and lice they consider conservative republicans that get under their thick skin.

A review of the site shows we have tweaked the tip of Sen. Georgie Porgy "I don't always cry" RINOvich and his campaign staffer's political horn. As Matt posted - the Great Horned One - RINOvich has had only one (1) vote in our poll and it is chronologically consistent with a hit from

Team Ham recently received a call from Rocky the RINO Buster of "RINO's to the LEFT of Me" magazine. Rocky wanted to know how our candidate, Ham Sandwich, felt about RINOvich's campaign staff reaction to his entering the race.

Rocky informed us that he contacted RINOvich's Cleveland office on Friday and spoke with an individual regarding the challenger in the upcoming 2010 election. When asked if they had any response or statement regarding the pundit's proclaiming our candidate as "obviously a Tasty Choice" this is what we learned....

"Sen. RINOvich is unaware (Yeah Sure!) of any declared candidates against him." "He stands by his record (Oh Goody!) and is proud of his years served."

"Regarding any statement about this other candidate - we will reserve the right to comment as the election nears."

Only being the Volunteer guy for the campaign I do not want to release any statements on behalf of Team Ham regarding this obvious affront to our candidate. But after checking this site - how can they say they never heard of Ham Sandwich?!?

I am confident that the Campaign Manager, Matt Hurley, and our Political Director, Mark McNally, will meet with Ham Sandwich and deal with this accordingly. If this ridiculous statement (lie) is even dignified with an answer!

Very soon the savanna of politics that RINOvich roams will be filled with "Ham Sandwich Soldiers" and those cute little Ham Sandwich "HAMster's" No matter where he goes there will not be enough tick and lice eating birds to keep us conservative republicans away!

(This site is a RINO Free Zone)

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