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Monday, January 14, 2008

Needed: Ham Sandwich Soldiers

Hello everyone! We here at Team Ham want to welcome you to the site that brings you the candidate that is a "cut" above the rest! Namely Ohio Senator George "Shed a Tear" RINOvich.

Candidate Ham Sandwich is looking for volunteers to become Ham Sandwich Soldiers in this web oriented campaign to oust the Great Horned One!

As Ham Sandwich Soldiers you will be our front line of defense in our combat to rid Ohio of RINOvich. You will be the messengers for the party tray of information that will be spread on a candidate fresh as a morning loaf of bread. Aren't you tired of the stale loafs we get from RINOvich?

Since Ham Sandwich is loved by people of all ages, we will also have a youth group for supporters called - Ham Sandwich HAMster's. These little HAMster's will be used to combat Baby RINO's.

Please visit our poll on the right side bar and cast a Triple-Decker Dagwood Stacker vote for the candidate that is NOT a stale loaf!

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