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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Illegal Aliens COULD Be Terrorists

In my last post, I discussed the Voinovich View on the extent of the threat to national security that is posed by an invasive species known as the zebra mussel.

I shall now contrast my opponent's views on illegal immigration and border security with my own...

An examination of George Voinovich's record will show that he was the lone vote against the funding for the border fence, border agents, and new vehicles for the Border Patrol.

My view? Illegal aliens are sometimes employed as lettuce and tomato pickers. Lettuce and tomatoes are optional ingredients in a ham sandwich. If my candidacy is to survive long enough for me to knock off His RINOness, we need to stop the flow of ingredients. Besides, we never know if an illegal alien is a terrorist.

But feel free to bring on the mayo!

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