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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ham on Bolton

NixGuy, Dave Stacy, asks:
Will the ham sandwich cry at the thought of John Bolton at the UN?
The answer to that question is simple. Not only would I not cry at the thought, I would throw a party.

My opponent has a history of second guessing this president and then later realizing that he made the mistake, not President Bush. The situation with John Bolton is just another in a long line of mistakes made by my opponent and the fact that he made a spectacle of himself doing it by crying on the floor of the United States Senate only goes to prove that he is no longer fit for office.

Now, I'm not saying a grown man can't cry. I'm saying that a grown man who claims to be a conservative can't cry over the prospects of sending a reformer to the United Nations. John Bolton is a pro-America voice that the United Nations desperately needed. To be perfectly honest, the United Nations needed John Bolton as well.

My opponent realized his mistake after it was too late to fix it. That will not happen on my watch.

I'm Ham Sandwich and I approve this message.

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