Vote for Ham Sandwich! By 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as Jon Husted is right now!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Internal Polling

We are now engaged in some internal polling over in the sidebar. Express your support for Ham Sandwich over Jon Husted by voting for the least stale candidate for Ohio Secretary of State.

This internal poll will run through May 1st, 2009 or until Jon Husted buys a clue and gets out of this race!


As you all know, Rob Portman has entered the race to replace George Voinovich in the United States Senate. Ham knows Rob to be good and honest man who shares our values, so he has decided to shift his focus to the Great State of Beautiful Ohio and run for Secretary of State. Why? Because by 2010, Ham Sandwich will only be half as stale as Jon Husted is right now.

This campaign's opponent is responsible for the Commercial Activities Tax. The CAT is a MAJOR obstacle facing the Great State of Beautiful Ohio in recovering from the vast failures of Bob Taft and Ted Strickland. Do we really want to elevate a guy who fails to understand his role making our magnificent state one of the worst places to do business in all of the nation?

Ham doesn't think so...

This campaign's opponent railroaded vital anti-illegal immigration legislation that Ham's good friends State Senator Cates and State Rep. Courtney Combs worked so hard on. Do we really want to elevate a guy who fails to protect jobs for Ohioans?

Ham doesn't think so...

This campaign's opponent was Speaker of the House while Ohio spent like drunken sailors on liberty in a foreign port with no laws to speak of. Do we really want to elevate a guy who failed to keep spending in check when he had a chance to do so?

Ham doesn't think so...

This campaign's opponent has no idea where he actually lives. Do we want to elevate a guy who doesn't actually represent the people he is neighbors with?

Ham doesn't think so...

Those are just some of the MANY reasons why Ham Sandwich is running for Secretary of State in the Great State of Beautiful Ohio and he thanks you for your continued support.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Voinovich Makes It Official

Today, Senator George Voinovich has announced that he will not seek a third term. I support him in this decision and would like to express my appreciation for his willingness to serve his community, his state, and the nation.

Ohio Republicans will now get down to the business of choosing the right candidate to fill the shoes of Senator Voinovich and while we have disagreed on many an issue, one must salute the fact that he has a stunning record of victories in election after election. In his last run, he won all 88 counties in the Great State of Ohio and while a repeat of that performance was highly unlikely it does stand as a testament to his ability as a politician.

Senator Voinovich, I salute you and I wish you the very best in your coming retirement.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Statement on Voinovich Rumors

It is my understanding that a number of prominent bloggers have been hearing rumors that my nemesis, George "The Crying Man" Voinovich may be realizing that by 2010, I'll be half as stale as he is right now.

These rumors have now made their way in to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch so we have to start taking them seriously.

It has been my intention all along to step aside when a credible candidate presents themselves, but until the day when the "Deficit Hawk who Loves Auto Bailouts" makes it offical my campaign will continue.

While I have been critical of Senator Voinovich, let me say that he has had a splendidly successful political career. It is time for him to go out gracefully, with dignity and honor.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Voinovich's Party Affiliation

I just took a look at the site stats and noticed a hit from Google on a search for "George Voinovich party affiliation." Now, we at the Ham Sandwich for Senate campaign can certainly understand why someone might be confused because you are just never sure what position our senior (citizen) Senator is going to take. More often than not, you can find The Crying Man standing with the Demcorats on the important issues. I can however assure this reader that George Voinovich is a registered Republican and continues to claim to be a Republican to this day. George Voinovich is, in fact, a name only.

I hope this clears up any confusion on the matter...

Pic From Today's Campaign Event

Here Ham meets with constituents "Curly" F. and Patty C.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BizzyBlog to Voinovich: What About Great Lakes Oil?

Please note this entry over at BizzyBlog:

Hey Rahm Emanuel, Russ Harding of the Makinac Center and I have an answer to this (”Emanuel Asks McCain to ‘Clarify’ Stance on Great Lakes Oil Drilling”) — Drill in the Great Lakes, ASAP. Michigan’s and Ohio’s economies would both benefit. Did you notice that each state could use something, from somewhere? Memo to recent coastal drilling convert and still Great Lakes drilling opponent George Voinovich: Read Harding’s analysis and come on board. The water’s fine, and it will stay fine.
Is George Voinovich willing to admit that he is as NIMBY as Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are about wind power?